03 June 2022

New Grey Frequency tracks can be found on two recently released compilation albums:
'Cape Aniva' on Forgotten, Abandoned, Desolated [Volume 5] (via Distorted Void) - download and streaming via Bandcamp HERE.
'Fractured Smile' on The Dystopian World of J​.​G​.​Ballard (via ZeroK) - CD, download and streaming via Bandcamp HERE.

14 April 2022

Listen back to the latest Grey Frequency Haunted Ambient Mix (originally broadcast on CAMP Radio, 13 May 2022):

Patricia Wolf - The Culmination Of
Raum - Walk together
The Great Old Ones - Your Servants Call Upon You
Grey Frequency - Cape Aniva
Susana López - Thousand Drones To Nubla [Excerpt]
Civilistjävel! - [untitled]
Phosphorus Burning - The Ceremony By The Stones
Moss Harvest - Halocline Cycle
Kaffe Matthews - For Mama
Arvik Torrenssen - Kaskades
Sana Obruent - Eget Anima Mea Requiem
False Moniker - The Promise Of Warmth

20 March 2022

Listen back to the latest Grey Frequency Haunted Ambient Mix (originally broadcast on CAMP Radio, 18 March 2022):

Jean-Luc Hérelle - Mediterranean Bells With The Song Of A Sardinian Warbler
Simon McCorry - The Nothing That Is
Anna Peaker - All Walls Can Be Shattered
Laura Luna Castillo - The Veldt
Kenji Ikegami - Access
Conflux Coldwell - Kirlian Sound
Marine Eyes - Slow Motion
Plyci - Gorsedd
Matt Atkins - Totem 1
Grey Frequency - Strange Nature
Rovox 625 - Coralina Rainbow
Oberlin - Remaining Embers
Ekin Fil - Let Me In

27 February 2022

The first Grey Frequency album - When Do We Dream? - is celebrating it's 10th anniversary today with the release of a limited edition cassette. Black C80, with 6 photo cards in a black and silver zip seal pouch. 20 hand-numbered copies available via Bandcamp.

13 February 2022

As part of UNESCO World Radio Day Cities And Memory have launched the Shortwave Transmissions project, which includes a 14-track compilation of remixed and reimagined radio recordings. The album features a Grey Frequency piece 'Chimes (Rai Internazionale)'. You can stream and download the album below:

There's more information about the Shortwave Transmissions project HERE.

26 January 2022

Listen back to the latest Grey Frequency Haunted Ambient Mix (originally broadcast on CAMP Radio, 21 January 2022):

Haiku Salut - How The Day Starts
Foreseer - Creux Es Faies
Patricia Wolf - Sotto Le Stelle
Slow Walkers - Torn Cloth
knifedoutofexistence - Roots Torn And Exposed
Nocturnal Emissions - Clear Bells
The Incidental Crack - I Lost It
ChromaDots - The Goldem Ratio [Excerpt]
IO - Disciple
Sébastien Wright - The Merging Contours Of Landscape And Architecture
Dean Hurley - In Knowing
Benoît Pioulard - Careworn
Infinity Room - Control Room Four
Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet - Pt. 17 (Gust And Feather Dance)

23 January 2022

Listen back to a Grey Frequency guest mix recorded for Dark Train radio show - originally broadcast 17 January 2022:

Grey Frequency MKUltra Mix - Dark Train (17 January 2022)

Machars Action - Invisible Sounds Surround Us [Excerpt]
Brian Eno & Robert Fripp - Evening Star [Excerpt]
"The Number You Have Dialled Has Been Changed"
Crash Course In Science - Cardboard Lamb
Nitzer Ebb - Control I'm Here
Underground Doctors (1977) [Audio Clip]
MimiCof - Parallel Roads
The New Age: A Pathway To Paradise (1983) [Audio Clip]
The Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea
Saint Etienne - Like A Motorway
Polygon Window - Quixote
Nordvest - Rooftops & Chaotic Streets Eight
Black Thread - Drifting Snow [Excerpt]
Laurie Anderson - Let X=X
Seaside cafe [Field Recording]
Luke Slater - Walk The Line (Edit)
Triola - Ag Penthouse
A stream somewhere in Lancashire [Field Recording]
Throbbing Gristle - Hot On The Heels Of Love
Sunroof - 1.2 - 30.5
1950s LSD Experiment [Audio Clip]
Front 242 - Sample D
Anne Clark - The Sitting Room
Suicide - Ghost Rider
Raymond Cass Archive [Audio Clip]
Joy Division - Isolation

11 January 2022

Out now: Hauntology in UK compilation album, released by Eighth Tower Records. Includes the Grey Frequency track 'Utopia Mist'.

Digital download and limited edition CD available via Bandcamp HERE.

31 November 2021

Thank you to Steve Cammack for playing Grey Frequency's Rockaway Park live set (from September 2021) on the latest MuhMur Radio show. You can listen back to the broadcast below:

The full playlist and more information can be found HERE.

25 October 2021


6-track digital download available via Bandcamp.

Essentia explores the connections and conflicts between internal and external worlds, and our sense of place and function in an unfathomable, transcendent universe.

A cassette-only edition of the album was originally released by Remote Viewing / Sensory Leakage in August 2021.

08 October 2021

Catch up with the latest Grey Frequency Haunted Ambient Mix (originally broadcast on CAMP Radio, 01 October 2021):

France Jobin - Graviton
Ali Wade - The Drowned World
Steve Roden - Straightforwardness
Stuart Chalmers - Wind Voices
Black Hair Rolled In Dried Blood - Landscape As Controller
Grey Frequency - Void
Simon Fisher Turner - Hope Swims
Innesti - Narrative Forms
Peristalith - Untitled II
Urban Exploration - Final Intercept
Negativland - Cherry
Dome - The Red Tent I
sp3ct3rs - Blacktape
Polypores - Meridian
Endless Melancholy - Wouldn't We Be Lonely?

07 October 2021

Grey Frequency live at Rockaway Park, Bristol (25 Sept 2021):

31 August 2021

Grey Frequency track 'Leaving The Body' is featured in THE CORRIDOR - a wonderful animated short directed by James Mansell. Watch this atmospheric study of mental disintegration below:

26 August 2021

Listen back to a Grey Frequency guest mix created for Blue Star Radio. The 60 minute mix appears at the start of the show:

Jeff Keen - Song Of The Plasticator
Bruce Gilbert - Work For Do You Me? I Did [3] / Swamp
Autechre - Nine
Karina ESP - All The Years Have Fallen Away
Tricorn & Queue - Untitled
Electronome - ???
LFO - Ultra Schall
Larry Crywater - Orange Tent Acid (Aus Plastik Remix)
Robin The Fog - Cold Space And Peeling Oxide
Jandek - Lavender (Half Speed)
William Basinski - O, My Daughter, O, My Sorrow
Suzanne Ciani - Princess With Orange Feet
Swap Meet Organ Playing (Kingman, AZ - 2017)
Midori Hirano - Saiboh
Simon Klee - Leafcutter
Harold Budd - Afar

16 July 2021

Listen back to the Grey Frequency Haunted Ambient Mix on Mixcloud HERE (originally broadcast on CAMP Radio on 9th July).

Bernard Parmegiani - Géologie Sonore
Tim Hecker - Night Flight To Your Heart
The German Ocean - Ensign
Cabaret Voltaire - Moscow
Evan Albam – Begotten (Soundtrack Extract)
Alan Chamberlain - Howitzvej Sunset
Howlround - Amboy Part 6
Southfacing - Pienkowski
Graham Graham Beck - Sleep (2)
April Larson - After The Void
SCKE - Polaroid Part2
Bleep & Booster - Amber To Atoms
Ana Roxanne - It's A Rainy Day On The Cosmic Shore
Abul Mogard - Despite Faith
Ulla - Stunned Suddenly

22 March 2021

Available now: a second edition cassette of PARANORMAL. White body and case, with a 16-page A5 booklet of photographic evidence. Limited to 40 copies.

Paranormal is an audio document exploring extraordinary phenomena and the supernatural realm.

Side A
Haunted Tape (EVP 1)
Ghost Light
Ectoplasmic Veil
Side B
Haunted Tape (EVP 2)
Leaving The Body

You can read a track by track breakdown of Paranormal, written for I Heart Noise, HERE.

26 February 2021

Out now via Sensory Leakage:

Grey Frequency - Zener_27 [Midwinter (MMXX) b/w Kirlian Aura]

Limited edition cassette with inserts by Grey Frequency and Sensory Leakage (3 randomly selected from 8 designs). First 15 copies each contain a unique hieroglyph esper card art insert by The Hobby.

Cassette and PWYW digital download available via Bandcamp HERE.

25 January 2021

Grey Frequency continues to journey into the supernatural world with a new collection of music and sound: Paranormal.

Paranormal is an audio document exploring extraordinary phenomena which have challenged orthodox science, but which have also grown and evolved as part of contemporary culture and a wider folkloric landscape.

Available via Bandcamp as a 10-track digital download and limited edition cassette with a 16-page booklet of photographic evidence HERE.

Haunted Tape (EVP 1)
Ghost Light
Ectoplasmic Veil
Haunted Tape (EVP 2)
Matter Through Matter
Leaving The Body

22 December 2020

Listen back to the latest Grey Frequency Haunted Ambient Mix (originally broadcast on CAMP Radio, 20 December 2020):

Intro - piano trill, rec. London (08.01.2002)
Newlands - Father Sky
black_ops - Half Life
Cinecenta - Station
Autechre - Outh9X
Anne Gillis - Orestie II
Dogs Versus Shadows - Rampette
Siavash Amini - A Recollection Of The Disappeared
William Basinski - Tear Vial
The Incidental Crack - If I Can Do It [Excerpt]
Pulselovers - A New Therapy
DR - Lo Fi
Stuart Chalmers - Wind Voices
Dieter Müh - Elk Hunting
Accidental Tones - Mute
Sébastien Wright - Late August
Grey Frequency - Apparition

19 December 2020

Out now: MIDWINTER (MMXX) - a standalone Grey Frequency piece created as an accompaniment to the Winter Solstice and cold, dark nights of the current season.

Stream and download on Bandcamp HERE. Watch the video on YouTube HERE.