18 September 2019

Ambient Électronique 3

An evening of live ambient, electronic and experimental music from:

The Garwin Project
Daniel Garcia
Modulator ESP
Grey Frequency

Saturday 28th September 2019
The Chameleon Arts Cafe
Newcastle Chambers
17A Angel Row
Nottingham NG1 6HL
7.30pm  £6 OTD

Map: https://goo.gl/E5mduc

Facebook event page HERE

16 August 2019

Out now: 'Echoes & Reverberations' - the latest compilation album from A Year In The Country. Featuring a new Grey Frequency track 'King Penda', which includes field recordings made at St. John the Baptist church in Chaceley (filming location for the 1974 BBC TV play Penda's Fen).

'Echoes & Reverberations' is a field recording based mapping of real and imaginary film and television locations.
Available in hand-finished, custom printed Dawn Rising edition, with CD, sleeve notes, button badge, print and sticker HERE and HERE.

28 June 2019

A third edition of 'Ufology' is out now. Available as a limited edition cassette (with five new photographic prints), and digital download via Bandcamp.

'Ufology' is an audio exploration of 20th century British UFO sightings. Each of the eight tracks focuses on a specific encounter from UFO folklore and reinterprets it as an excursion in haunting sound and unsettling atmosphere.

“[Ufology] represents Sound Art in the most literal of senses; it seeks the abstraction of a History through the removal of narrative and leaves an experiential gap for the listener to step into. If Pop music evokes those memories we want but never had, then the music of artists such as Grey Frequency is the sound of those memories that haunt us; forever in the corner of our eye.”
Daniel Williams (The Present Continuous)

“[Ufology] looks down suburban streets and behind the twitching curtains of Neighbourhood Watchers who end up watching something else entirely… What Morrow has done here is weave these events into the same tapestry as Stonehenge and the Pendle Witches, where tangible objects and historically documented events have formed the basis of cultural folklore. The pieces aren’t discussing the facts (or fiction) of ufology but emphasise just how strange and uncanny these events feel from the perspective of the cul-de-sac or copse.”
Spenser Tomson (The Wire)

31 January 2019

Out Now:

The new album by Grey Frequency, 'Ufology' is an audio exploration of 20th century British UFO sightings. The album offers eight tracks, comprising of lo-fi drones, dark ambient textures, and cassette-looped field recordings. Each piece focuses on a specific encounter from UFO folklore and reinterprets it as an excursion in unsettling sound and atmosphere.

'Ufology' is available via Bandcamp as a digital download, and limited edition cassette (with five photographic prints) HERE.

Rendlesham Forest (1980)
Blue Aura
The Dechmont Woods Encounter
Howden Moor
The Cosford Incident
Broad Haven (1977)
Solway Firth Spaceman
You Will Improve Or Disappear

13 November 2018

Ambient Collage #12 uploaded for your listening pleasure. Over an hour of atmospheric ambience, haunted drones and electronic soundscapes:

April Larson - The Haunting of Thy Heart
Colonial Skyway - All That Happens Above Us
Darren Harper - A Thousand Tiny Heartbreaks
Heidseck - Rings
The Hafler Trio - Acoustic Lens Facsimile
Kay Hill - Below Two Waters
Daniel Garcia - Shifted
William Basinski & Lawrence English - Selva Oscura [Excerpt]
Stars of the Lid - Adamord
Franca Sacchi - Arpa Eolia
Alva Noto - Xerrox Phaser Acat 1
Cremation Lily - Studie Nr. 2: Morgen
Crows Labyrinth - All Will Perish
Brian Eno - Discreet Music [Excerpt]
Yui Onodera - Prism

01 November 2018

Grey Frequency, Yumah, Daniel Garcia, Colin Constance & Kamil Kowalczyk live at Soundscapism
Sunday 04 November 2018
The Banshee Labyrinth
Cinema Room
29 - 35 Niddry Street
Edinburgh EH1 1LG
20:00 - 22:30
Entry by donation

09 October 2018

Out now: Undulating Waters 2 compilation released by Woodford Halse - which includes a new Grey Frequency track, Dust Like Stars. Available as a digital download, plus limited edition cassette, with screen printed and die cut outer sleeve and j-card HERE.

04 October 2018

Out now: 'The Quietened Mechanisms' released by A Year In The Country. 'The Quietened Mechanisms' is an audio exploration of abandoned and derelict industry, infrastructure, technology and equipment that once upon a time helped to create, connect and sustain society. The collection features a new Grey Frequency track, 'Nottingham Canal'.

Available in hand-finished, custom printed Dawn Light and Nightfall editions, with CD, sleeve notes, button badges and stickers HERE and HERE.

02 October 2018

Listen to a recording of Grey Frequency playing a live ambient drone set at Weird Garden in Lincoln (29 September 2018):

You can see a full photoset from the event on the 
Grey Frequency Facebook page HERE.

31 May 2018

Out now: 'Audio Albion' released by A Year In The Country'Audio Albion' is a music and field recording map of Britain, which focuses on rural and edgeland areas. Each track contains field recordings from locations throughout the land and is accompanied by notes on the recordings by the contributors. Includes 'Stapleford Hill', a new track by Grey Frequency.
Available in hand-finished, custom printed Dawn Light and Nightfall editions, with CD, sleeve notes, button badges and stickers HERE and HERE.

28 May 2018

Out now: 'Mini Mal' a new release by Tape Noise, featuring a re-work by Grey Frequency & Blue Room. Limited edition baby pink C35 cassette and download available from Larry Crywater Tapes HERE.
You can listen to 'Mini Mal (Blue Room Vs Grey Frequency Mix)' being played on the latest You, the Night & the Music radio show HERE.

07 May 2018

Listen to a recording of Grey Frequency playing live at The Cass in London as part of Weird Garden on Tour (03 May 2018). A big thank you to Andy Benn for playing singing bowls during the performance:

You can see a full photoset from the event on the Grey Frequency Facebook page HERE.

30 April 2018

Grey Frequency will be playing live at The Cass in London as part of Weird Garden on Tour.
Other artists performing include Experimental Sonic Machines, raxil4, Floodlights, Yumah, Modulator ESP, Tape Noise, LaughMotel & Nathan T. Dean, and Scented Poetry.

The Sir John Cass Faculty Of Art, Architecture & Design
The Annexe Opposite Calcutta House
Old Castle Street
E1 7PF

14:55 - 20:45
Free entry

Facebook event page HERE
Information HERE
Google map HERE

04 April 2018

From the vaults: Second Sight - a very early Grey Frequency recording from 2012. Four Walkmans, three effects pedals, a small mixer and plenty of tape hiss. The album is available as a free download from Bandcamp HERE:

14 February 2018

Ambient Collage #11 uploaded for your listening pleasure. An eighty minute mix of ambient drones and atmospheric electronica:

Conflux Coldwell - Outside Time
36 - Room 06
Cousin Silas - Having to Say Goodbye
Anda Volley - Trickling Light Sanctuary
Accidental Tones - A Trip in the Country
Junkyard Shaman - Reverberating Pain
Sébastien Wright - Karen in the Dunes
The Implicit Order - A Chime in the Dark
Franziska Lantz - QB End
T.Raumschmiere - Eterna
Colin Potter - A Drift
Cinchel - The Lake Was Frozen, the Birds Were Dying
Kit Downes & Tom Challenger - Maar-Ikar
Michael Nyman - 1-100
øjeRum - Part IX
James Osland - Quiet, Peaceful and Lonely
Giant Deth - Lifeless Winter Picture
Grey Frequency - Phantom Cosmonauts

14 January 2018

Hzarête, an audiovisual collaboration between Grey Frequency and Crackling Mountain, performed live at Weird Xmas in Lincoln last December. The piece was inspired by an article written by James Bridle entitled 'Something is wrong on the internet', which you can read HERE.

You can listen to an audio recording and watch the visuals projected during the performance HERE.

16 December 2017

Weird Garden / Weird Xmas

An evening of experimental noisescapes, lo-fi electronics and ambient sounds from:

Hzarête (Grey Frequency & Crackling Mountain)
Tape Noise & Modulator ESP
Laugh Motel & Nathan Dean
Experimental Sonic Machines

Friday 22 December 2017
Decimal Place
10 Burton Road
Lincoln LN1 3LB
6 - 10pm Free Entry

Facebook event page HERE.

11 November 2017

Grey Frequency, Alpaks and Croft will be performing at Where-Wax X at Nottingham Contemporary on December 9th. An exhibition of experimental and leftfield music, plus crate digging at the Where-Wax pop-up shop. More details HERE.

04 October 2017

Ambient Collage #10 uploaded for your listening pleasure. An hour and fifteen minute soundscape of atmospheric ambience, dark drones, haunted electronica and musique concrète:

Jack Sutton - Jack Sutton Contacts Dead Airmen
Electro Static Cat - Dautr Omnibus Mori
_blank - Droolworthy
Pierre Henry - Cantate Dramatique: Le Voile d'Orphee
Flying Hills - Seeding
Koss - Kokoro
Holger Czukay - Canaxis
Desiderii Marginis - Night Slept On My Arm
1991 - Aaliyah
www.jz-arkh.co.uk - Ddrhodes
Endless Melancholy - And He Had Walked Her Through The Still And Empty City Streets
Sana Obruent - Vjetori
Tim Rowe - The Sun Looked Down
Nurse with Wound - Untitled
Sansernes Rus - Retrospekt I
Grey Frequency - Transmission 8

03 October 2017

Out now: The Quietened Cosmologists - the latest compilation curated by A Year In The Country. The album includes a new track by Grey Frequency entitled 'Phantom Cosmonauts'.

The Quietened Cosmologists is a reflection on space exploration projects that have been abandoned and / or that were never realised, of connected lost or imagined futures and dreams, the intrigue and sometimes melancholia of related derelict sites and technological remnants that lie scattered and forgotten...

The album is available as a digital download, or limited edition CD in Dawn and Night editions with luxury, hand-finished packaging. The album can be purchased: HEREHERE and HERE.