22 December 2020

If anyone missed Sunday night's Haunted Ambient Mix on CAMP Radio, you can now listen back to the broadcast on Mixcloud below:

Intro - piano trill, rec. London (08.01.2002)
Newlands - Father Sky
black_ops - Half Life
Cinecenta - Station
Autechre - Outh9X
Anne Gillis - Orestie II
Dogs Versus Shadows - Rampette
Siavash Amini - A Recollection Of The Disappeared
William Basinski - Tear Vial
The Incidental Crack - If I Can Do It [Excerpt]
Pulselovers - A New Therapy
DR - Lo Fi
Stuart Chalmers - Wind Voices
Dieter Müh - Elk Hunting
Accidental Tones - Mute
Sébastien Wright - Late August
Grey Frequency - Apparition