28 June 2019

A third edition of 'Ufology' is out now. Available as a limited edition cassette (with five new photographic prints), and digital download via Bandcamp.

'Ufology' is an audio exploration of 20th century British UFO sightings. Each of the eight tracks focuses on a specific encounter from UFO folklore and reinterprets it as an excursion in haunting sound and unsettling atmosphere.

“[Ufology] represents Sound Art in the most literal of senses; it seeks the abstraction of a History through the removal of narrative and leaves an experiential gap for the listener to step into. If Pop music evokes those memories we want but never had, then the music of artists such as Grey Frequency is the sound of those memories that haunt us; forever in the corner of our eye.”
Daniel Williams (The Present Continuous)

“[Ufology] looks down suburban streets and behind the twitching curtains of Neighbourhood Watchers who end up watching something else entirely… What Morrow has done here is weave these events into the same tapestry as Stonehenge and the Pendle Witches, where tangible objects and historically documented events have formed the basis of cultural folklore. The pieces aren’t discussing the facts (or fiction) of ufology but emphasise just how strange and uncanny these events feel from the perspective of the cul-de-sac or copse.”
Spenser Tomson (The Wire)