14 February 2018

Ambient Collage #11 uploaded for your listening pleasure. An eighty minute mix of ambient drones and atmospheric electronica:

Caleb R.K. Williams - Deadland
Conflux Coldwell - Outside Time
36 - Room 06
Cousin Silas - Having to Say Goodbye
Anda Volley - Trickling Light Sanctuary
Accidental Tones - A Trip in the Country
Junkyard Shaman - Reverberating Pain
Sébastien Wright - Karen in the Dunes
The Implicit Order - A Chime in the Dark
Franziska Lantz - QB End
T.Raumschmiere - Eterna
Colin Potter - A Drift
Cinchel - The Lake Was Frozen, the Birds Were Dying
Kit Downes & Tom Challenger - Maar-Ikar
Michael Nyman - 1-100
Giancarlo Toniutti & Andrew Chalk - Tienalauami
øjeRum - Part IX
James Osland - Quiet, Peaceful and Lonely
Giant Deth - Lifeless Winter Picture
Grey Frequency - Phantom Cosmonauts