04 October 2017

Ambient Collage #10 uploaded for your listening pleasure. An hour and fifteen minute soundscape of atmospheric ambience, dark drones, haunted electronica and musique concrète:

Jack Sutton - Jack Sutton Contacts Dead Airmen
Electro Static Cat - Dautr Omnibus Mori
_blank - Droolworthy
Pierre Henry - Cantate Dramatique: Le Voile d'Orphee
Flying Hills - Seeding
Koss - Kokoro
Holger Czukay - Canaxis
Desiderii Marginis - Night Slept On My Arm
1991 - Aaliyah
www.jz-arkh.co.uk - Ddrhodes
Endless Melancholy - And He Had Walked Her Through The Still And Empty City Streets
Sana Obruent - Vjetori
Tim Rowe - The Sun Looked Down
Nurse with Wound - Untitled
Sansernes Rus - Retrospekt I
Grey Frequency - Transmission 8