15 July 2014

Over on Mixcloud you can now listen to Ambient Collage #1, a 14 track mix created by Grey Frequency, including music by RabbitsquirrelIan HaygreenMytrip and MetaDronos...


Grey Frequency - Prologue
Rabbitsquirrel - The Overuse Of Terrestrial Narratives
Nubiferous - Mighty Southern Night
Javier Bilbao - Buzludzha Nevado
Ian Haygreen - All The Fun Of The...
Pascal Doguet - Smoothie Banane
Grey Frequency - An Empty Cinema
Mytrip - I Am Abandoned
Oil Texture - Quartz
VriesVeld & Flintergeniek - Particle Drops
August Stars - Neukölln
Emped - Goldener Beton
MetaDronos - Oxsirhallas
Grey Frequency - Epilogue